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Falloe – Falloe

The press release for Melbourne-based band Falloe playfully quips that it’s members “got into music for free booze and women, but have had limited success in both”. Maybe their haircuts are keeping the ladies at bay. Beards-a-plenty, dreadlocks thicker than those sported by the Predator and one member boasting what can only be described as “Weird Al Yankovich” hair, these guys need a barber. Stat.

Hairy follicle follies aside, the self-titled second album from Falloe is rather enjoyable. Woozy slide guitars and hushed vocal harmonies make ballads poignant without being sappy and the folk-tinged rockers make me want to get drunk with “salt-of-the-earth” types. Looks like someone has to dig through his wardrobe to find his jean jacket.

Artist: Falloe
Album: Falloe
Label: Independent

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1206

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Steve Smyth – Release

Aussie singer-songwriter Steve Smyth introduces himself on his website by stating:

“My mother tells me that as soon as I could walk, if she turned her head for a second, I was brought back by strangers. Such a problem that, on camping trips, the family tied me to a tree.”

His point? That he’s a “wanderer”. Smyth’s debut album, Release, reflects his moseying nature by showcasing an affinity for many musical styles including bluegrass, country and even 50s doo-wop. Release is an interesting record that I’m sure many people will enjoy but, for me, I wouldn’t have been fussed if Mr. Smyth had wandered himself right under my radar.

Artist: Steve Smyth
Album: Release
Label: independent

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Sonpsilo Circus – Sonpsilo Circus EP

Supposedly you pronounce this band’s name “sun-sigh-low” but I’m having trouble ignoring the letter ‘p’ in there.  Maybe it’s easier to overlook amidst a plume of hazy smoke emanating from a nearby bong.

Either way, Sonpsilo Circus have put together an impressive debut of psychedelic revivalism, complete with big fuzzy guitars and all the trippy decadence you’d expect from someone who makes hemp jewelry and lives out of a van.  It must have been hard to focus on crafting an EP this tight when you’re preoccupied with scraping the bowl for resin residue.

Head here for mp3s

Artist: Sonpsilo Circus
Album: Sonsilo Circus EP
Label: independent

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