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I know that there has been a shortage of posts recently, I hope you’ll forgive me, but my excuse is a legitimate one. As the photo above suggests, I moved house. The long and arduous process of packing up one’s shit and trekking it somewhere else is pretty much over, save for the fact that I haven’t connected the Internet yet. Until I do, posts will be coming at you rather sporadically, and for that I apologize.

In the meantime, have a look at a couple of musicians and their fans who probably haven’t missed me all that much!


Mark Tulk

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Tape/Off – …And Sometimes Gladness

Happen Now, the lead single off of the debut release from Brisbane band Tape/Off starts with the line, “I’m waiting / for something / to happen / now”.  This makes my job really easy since I couldn’t have summarized this record better myself.

When will all of these lo-fi bands get it?  Your music is monotonous enough already, there is no need to top it all off with a droning voice mumbling indecipherable lyrics.  My Texas Instruments Speak & Spell has a better voice than most of these “singers”.

Artist: Tape/Off
Album: …And Sometimes Gladness
Label: independent

Download Tape/Off …And Sometimes Gladness for absolutely nothing

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