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Catcall – The Warmest Place

For all of you wannabe pop vocalists belting Katy Perry songs into your hairbrush while standing in front of your bathroom mirror, the debut album from Sydney’s Catcall is your blueprint to mainstream success.

Like Katy Perry, the voice behind Catcall, Catherine Keller, isn’t particularly strong. What Keller lacks in god given talent she makes up for in catchy electro-hooks and sheer enthusiasm.

So remember, kids, just because you can’t sing, doesn’t mean you can’t ride the electro-pop slutwaves. Get yourself Pro Tools, autotune the shit out of your voice, and listen to lots of 80s New Wave records. Computers! The wave of the future!

Artist: Catcall
Album: The Warmest Place
Label: Ivy League

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Chester French – Music 4 Tngrs

Putting a synth-pop band together at an Ivy League institution doesn’t necessarily guarantee highbrow songwriting. In the case of Chester French, a band formed while its members attended Harvard, the most intellectual thing about them might be the origin of their name.

After christening themselves after the American sculptor Daniel Chester French (who is most famous for designing the Lincoln Memorial), they decided to sing about dick jokes and interracial pornography. And who says getting a degree in Modern Literature is a waste of time?

Artist: Chester French
Album: Music 4 Tngrs
Label: Star Trak

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Trophy Wife – Bruxism

Some people “suffer” from being a cynical asshole.  This psychological condition usually manifests itself after puberty and renders everything that you thought was cool or “mainstream” as lame and insufferable drivel.

Trophy Wife, a band hailing from Oxford, England, are most definitely cynical assholes.  Their spacey synth-pop is like New Order in the pouring rain. The band presents vaguely danceable arrangements combined with laizze-faire vocals full of pessimistic lyrics.

Should I dance to this?  Should I be depressed?  I don’t know, hold on while I put on my Ray Bans®…let’s just do some speed and smoke cigarettes while lightly swaying back and forth.

Artist: Trophy Wife
Album: Bruxism
Label: Inertia

Buy Trophy Wife Bruxism

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