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Falloe – Falloe

The press release for Melbourne-based band Falloe playfully quips that it’s members “got into music for free booze and women, but have had limited success in both”. Maybe their haircuts are keeping the ladies at bay. Beards-a-plenty, dreadlocks thicker than those sported by the Predator and one member boasting what can only be described as “Weird Al Yankovich” hair, these guys need a barber. Stat.

Hairy follicle follies aside, the self-titled second album from Falloe is rather enjoyable. Woozy slide guitars and hushed vocal harmonies make ballads poignant without being sappy and the folk-tinged rockers make me want to get drunk with “salt-of-the-earth” types. Looks like someone has to dig through his wardrobe to find his jean jacket.

Artist: Falloe
Album: Falloe
Label: Independent

Snag some mp3s (courtesy of Triple J Unearthed)

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1206

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Delta Spirit – Delta Spirit

After two records of hamming it up for the Americana folk crowd, San Diego natives Delta Spirit have suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. For their newest album the band have enlisted the production skills of Chris Coady, who has previously worked with the likes of TV on the Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The result is a self-titled third album that the band believes to be the one true representation of their sound. They have reinvented themselves as alt-country rockers, which has come at the price of their spirit. To put it simply, if you’re the type who prefers Infinite Arms by Band Of Horses to their debut, Everything All The Time, you’ll probably like Delta Spirit.

Artist: Delta Spirit
Album: Delta Spirit
Label: Shock

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2:54 – 2:54

UK sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow taught themselves how to play the guitar when they were teenagers. They’ve since recorded a bunch of songs under a name that may or may not mean anything. Maybe 2:54 was the exact time that they decided coming up with a proper band name was too hard and just said, “Fuck it”.

After a flurry of praise for their Scarlet EP, the Thurlow sisters’ self-titled debut is brooding, dark, dreamy, haunting. These are the words I am using to describe this album because writing music reviews is hard. Fuck it.

Artist: 2:54
Album: 2:54
Label: Fiction

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1204

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Simone Felice – Simone Felice

The self-titled debut of Simone Felice, is a dark trip down well worn American roads. And by dark, I mean an unnerving preoccupation with death and murder.

The album opener, the deceptively upbeat Hey Bobby Ray, details brutal domestic abuse that ends in homicide. New York Times is a reminder of how morbid modern news outlets can be, and Dawn Brady’s Son has an itchy trigger finger.

Ballad Of Sharon Tate takes Felice’s fixation of mortality a step too far. Eliciting the mental image of Tate ‘with a rope around her neck, and heavy with child’ is just in bad taste.

Artist: Simone Felice
Album: Simone Felice
Label: Warner

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Yourself In Peace – Yourself In Peace EP

During my time at college I had a somewhat spotty track record in regards to the people I lived with. My first roommate was a chronic masturbator. My second roommate liked to get stoned and make grilled cheese sandwiches on his George Foreman Grill at 4am.

Thankfully, instead of being disgusted by each other’s lack of personal hygiene, the duo behind Yourself In Peace discovered a mutual appreciation for dreamy pop while studying in LA.

Their self-titled debut EP features ethereal hushed vocals against a backdrop of hazy beats and sparse electronic flourishes. Justin Corral and Westley Ulit have said that they “essentially make beats and whine over them.” In my opinion, they’re selling themselves a bit short.

Artist: Yourself In Peace
Album: Yourself In Peace EP
Label: independent

Name your price for Yourself In Peace Yourself In Peace EP

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Dark Room Notes – Dark Room Notes

After being nominated for the Choice Music Prize (basically Ireland’s version of the UK’s Mercury Prize) for their debut album, We Love You Dark Matter, Dark Room Notes is back with their self-titled sophomore effort…and it’s more of the same.

The electro-synthpop that has become synonymous with the Dark Room Notes brand is in full effect on this record. Due to the departure of the band’s drummer, Darragh Shanahan, the album’s sound is even more polished, with every beat, texture and accent processed to the point of perfection. Ultimately, this inorganic approach makes everything seem a bit stale and robotic.

Kudos for having the balls to sample “What Is Love” by Haddaway, though.

Artist: Dark Room Notes
Album: Dark Room Notes
Label: BBE

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The Postelles – The Postelles

What are the ingredients required to compile a Strokes clone?  Do they hail from New York City?  Check.  Jangly guitar riffs?  Check.  Sporting scruffy five o’clock shadows?  Check.  Does Albert Hammond, Jr of The Strokes produce (some of) the album?  Check.

The Postelles have done their homework and their debut is a throwback to 60s bands like The Kinks, while at the same time maintaining the modern, garage rock sound that propelled The Strokes to stardom.  With upbeat, catchy songs about cocaine abuse, girls who don’t put out, and super hot lesbians, the songs are contrived but a lot of fun.

Artist: The Postelles
Album: The Postelles
Label: +1 Records

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The Stepkids – The Stepkids

The first track off of the debut LP from Connecticut’s The Stepkids features a comically low baritone voice delivering the line “Sneaking your way to the heart” followed immediately by the prepubescent wail of “BraiiinnnNINJAH!”  It is totally ridiculous, but you can’t help but listen on.

The Stepkids remind me of the funk and soul music from one of those blaxploitation films of the 1970s, and they do it so well that you could call this album funxploitation.

It’s true that other bands have tread the same water, but The Stepkids craft psychedelic funk from another era, and it is groovy, baby.

Artist: The Stepkids
Album: The Stepkids
Label: Stones Throw

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The lo-fi quality of the eponymous debut by New Zealand/Portand band, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, gives it a mysterious tone, like it’s some long lost album that was found buried in a time capsule.

The crunchy guitars and thick, muddy beats are straight out of the psychedelic scene of the late 60s, while the melodies and choruses are reminiscent of 70s glam rock.

With songs about friends who make you laugh, shiny bicycles and Jell-O, the debut album from Unknown Mortal Orchestra would be perfectly suited as the new theme music for Sesame Street…if Big Bird and Snuffleupagus were dropping acid.

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Album: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Label: Fat Possum

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Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls

The 1985 film Return Of The Living Dead is awesome.  It’s campy and gory and has a killer soundtrack.  Early on, a bunch of high school kids go to a cemetery to “party”.  Trash, a slutty, goth chick who likes to dance naked, informs us that she fantasizes about a bunch of old men eating her alive (this is what passes as foreshadowing in a horror movie).

Veronica Falls is an indie pop band with a similarly disturbing preoccupation with the dead and the afterlife.  The record is campy gothic music, and much like ROTLD with film snobs, you might not want to mention them around music elitists.

Artist: Veronica Falls
Album: Veronica Falls
Label: Bella Union

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