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Falloe – Falloe

The press release for Melbourne-based band Falloe playfully quips that it’s members “got into music for free booze and women, but have had limited success in both”. Maybe their haircuts are keeping the ladies at bay. Beards-a-plenty, dreadlocks thicker than those sported by the Predator and one member boasting what can only be described as “Weird Al Yankovich” hair, these guys need a barber. Stat.

Hairy follicle follies aside, the self-titled second album from Falloe is rather enjoyable. Woozy slide guitars and hushed vocal harmonies make ballads poignant without being sappy and the folk-tinged rockers make me want to get drunk with “salt-of-the-earth” types. Looks like someone has to dig through his wardrobe to find his jean jacket.

Artist: Falloe
Album: Falloe
Label: Independent

Snag some mp3s (courtesy of Triple J Unearthed)

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1206

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2:54 – 2:54

UK sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow taught themselves how to play the guitar when they were teenagers. They’ve since recorded a bunch of songs under a name that may or may not mean anything. Maybe 2:54 was the exact time that they decided coming up with a proper band name was too hard and just said, “Fuck it”.

After a flurry of praise for their Scarlet EP, the Thurlow sisters’ self-titled debut is brooding, dark, dreamy, haunting. These are the words I am using to describe this album because writing music reviews is hard. Fuck it.

Artist: 2:54
Album: 2:54
Label: Fiction

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1204

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Patti Smith – Banga

I know that Patti Smith is a musical icon, this symbol of the modern artist, but the more I listen to her eleventh album, Banga, the more disinterested I become.

I know some will scowl at my intolerance. I know that some will call for my head on a stick. All because of my blasphemous remarks about a pillar of popular music. However with songs lamenting the death of Amy Winehouse and being chummy with Johnny Depp, Banga is trite and often boring.

I admit that it takes talent to write an entire song about Amerigo Vespucci (the guy from whom America gets its name), but it doesn’t guarantee that a song about a sailor from 1497 will be any good. Smith has forgotten that just because something can be done, doesn’t always mean that it should be done.

Artist: Patti Smith
Album: Banga
Label: Columbia

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*a version of this review was previously published by Rip It Up Publishing issue #1204

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Eugene McGuinness – The Invitation To The Voyage

I’m not entirely sure who Eugene McGuinness is trying to be: ’70s David Bowie or late ’90s Robbie Williams. The Invitation To The Voyage is full of confounding juxtapositions; sonically shifting from spacey disco anthems to garage surf and trippy rockabilly.

McGuinness is so completely all over the radar that if he were a character from a movie he would be equal parts greasy sax guy from The Lost Boys and that dude who wore Abba’s poop around his neck in that movie about drag queens.

Artist: Eugene McGuinness
Album: The Invitation To The Voyage
Label: Domino

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*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1203

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