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Muscles – Manhood

Featuring a steady barrage of beeps, blips, chunky bass and pounding rhythms, Manhood is the second album by Australian electro-pimp, Muscles.

As the album’s name would suggest, the lyrics mostly deal with entering adulthood, and what that means for a hipster DJ who never wants to grow up. Thematically it’s all a bunch of nonsense, because no one is listening to Muscles for his beer-soaked philosophical musings on life.

Why one would intentionally give himself a name so dumb is beyond me, but I suspect that he may have an obsession with those tiny plastic wrestling figures from the 80s, M.U.S.C.L.E. (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere). We are of course; talking about the same guy who called his debut album Guns Babes Lemonade and has consistently opted for some of the worst album art I’ve ever seen, so I guess it makes sense.

Artist: Muscles
Album: Manhood
Label: Modular

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Van She – Idea Of Happiness

Sydney’s Van She is the definition of a guilty pleasure. When I moved to Australia, I realized Van She suffered from disdain and abhorrence among the people of their native country. But they’re still incredibly popular.

Which means that a lot of the people that claim they hate Van She are secretly lapping up the band’s brand of shimmering electronica.

Their second album, Idea of Happiness, is full of cringe worthy lyrics like “I feel Calypso” (?) and sunbaked tropical vibes inspired by the sounds of the Caribbean. The album is light and breezy, lacking substance but making up for it with flurries of infectious beats and uplifting synths. Perfect for some daiquiri-fueled ass shaking.

Artist: Van She
Album: Idea Of Happiness
Label: Modular

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