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Falloe – Falloe

The press release for Melbourne-based band Falloe playfully quips that it’s members “got into music for free booze and women, but have had limited success in both”. Maybe their haircuts are keeping the ladies at bay. Beards-a-plenty, dreadlocks thicker than those sported by the Predator and one member boasting what can only be described as “Weird Al Yankovich” hair, these guys need a barber. Stat.

Hairy follicle follies aside, the self-titled second album from Falloe is rather enjoyable. Woozy slide guitars and hushed vocal harmonies make ballads poignant without being sappy and the folk-tinged rockers make me want to get drunk with “salt-of-the-earth” types. Looks like someone has to dig through his wardrobe to find his jean jacket.

Artist: Falloe
Album: Falloe
Label: Independent

Snag some mp3s (courtesy of Triple J Unearthed)

Buy Falloe Falloe

*previously published in Rip It Up issue #1206

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Catcall – The Warmest Place

For all of you wannabe pop vocalists belting Katy Perry songs into your hairbrush while standing in front of your bathroom mirror, the debut album from Sydney’s Catcall is your blueprint to mainstream success.

Like Katy Perry, the voice behind Catcall, Catherine Keller, isn’t particularly strong. What Keller lacks in god given talent she makes up for in catchy electro-hooks and sheer enthusiasm.

So remember, kids, just because you can’t sing, doesn’t mean you can’t ride the electro-pop slutwaves. Get yourself Pro Tools, autotune the shit out of your voice, and listen to lots of 80s New Wave records. Computers! The wave of the future!

Artist: Catcall
Album: The Warmest Place
Label: Ivy League

Buy Catcall The Warmest Place

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FisherKing – Circles

The press release that accompanied FisherKing’s debut album, Circles, described their sound as “heartfelt lyrics, memorable melodies and buzzing pop hooks”.  This may sound mean, but I don’t think I could write a more bland and meaningless description of a band if I tried.

FisherKing is essentially a good pub band that I would gladly pay a $10 cover to see, however I would just be using their show as an excuse to go out and get shitfaced. Nothing like feigning enthusiasm for a mediocre band in order to disguise your crushing alcoholism!

Snag a couple of mp3s here (courtesy of Triple J)

Artist: FisherKing
Album: Circles
Label: independent

Buy FisherKing Circles

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Bluejuice – Company

Where to start with this album? The band members outlined in neon green on the press release like some low rent TRON ripoff? The hokey ska/disco fusion music?  Grown men naming their songs with excerpts from an MSN chat? Maybe it’s the fact that the band stylizes their nonsensical name with an exclamation point instead of an “i”.

Company is like your alcoholic friend.  At first he’s super fun and a blast to be with, but by the end of the night you’re getting kicked out of bars because of his undecpiherable mumbles and the piss stain on the front of his pants.

Artist: Bluejuice
Album: Company
Label: Dew Process

Buy Bluejuice Company

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Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

I was once at a party in Australia where, after copious amounts of Carlton Draught (see vid below), a bunch of guys started singing along to the Eagles. They were egging me on to join them, assuming since I am American, that I must love the Eagles. I respectfully declined because, well, the Eagles are terrible.

It struck me as odd that so many of Australia’s youth have this unexplainable fascination with the Eagles. It is especially confounding when one considers the fact that the band’s ‘AM Gold’ mediocrity is common knowledge stateside. Listening to LA band Dawes is a lot like listening to the Eagles. You can fill in the rest.

Artist: Dawes
Album: Nothing Is Wrong
Label: ATO

Buy Dawes Nothing Is Wrong

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Aleks and the Ramps – Facts

When I was just a wee youngster, I saw this commercial on TV for this totally badass remote control car. The RC car literally could not crash. Run it into a wall? No problem. Oh, you flipped it upside down? NO PROBLEM. The thing was able to just take whatever sick punishment a prepubescent mind could think of and just keep on truckin’. I begged my parents, and because I was a brat, I got it. For the first half hour I played the shit out of that thing. And then I got bored. Something similar happened to me during this record from Aleks and the Ramps.

Artist: Aleks and the Ramps
Album: Facts
Label: independent

Buy Aleks and the Ramps Facts

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DZ Deathrays – Bloodstreams

As with all albums that feature Pterodactyl screeching in lieu of vocals and guitars with the distortion and overdrive pedals cranked so they sound like CHK-BVRM-BVRM-CHUK-CHIK-BVRM, there is nothing that really sets this album apart from its peers.

DZ Deathrays have succeeded in embodying an anti-establishment, fuck the naysayers attitude. While it may rope in younger listeners desperate to find meaning in their suburban purgatories, more astute fans will see through the façade and call it for what it is, a record whose bark doesn’t match its bite.

Artist: DZ Deathrays
Album: Bloodstreams

Buy DZ Deathrays Bloodstreams

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Muscles – Manhood

Featuring a steady barrage of beeps, blips, chunky bass and pounding rhythms, Manhood is the second album by Australian electro-pimp, Muscles.

As the album’s name would suggest, the lyrics mostly deal with entering adulthood, and what that means for a hipster DJ who never wants to grow up. Thematically it’s all a bunch of nonsense, because no one is listening to Muscles for his beer-soaked philosophical musings on life.

Why one would intentionally give himself a name so dumb is beyond me, but I suspect that he may have an obsession with those tiny plastic wrestling figures from the 80s, M.U.S.C.L.E. (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere). We are of course; talking about the same guy who called his debut album Guns Babes Lemonade and has consistently opted for some of the worst album art I’ve ever seen, so I guess it makes sense.

Artist: Muscles
Album: Manhood
Label: Modular

Buy Muscles Manhood

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Husky – Forever So

Imagine your dog just died, your slutty girlfriend cheated on you, and now you’re listening to every sad song that Morrissey ever wrote in one sitting. What would you do?  Sit in isolation and cry?  Contemplate your life in a forlornly fashion?  If you were Australia’s Husky Gawenda and Gideon Preiss, you would write some songs that would ultimately become your debut album, Forever So.

Forever So is a meticulously crafted collection of dreamy pop songs with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.  They are able to capture vanishing hopes and dwindling dreams to create something beautiful. I wish I could go through a period of crushing despair so that I could write an album like this one. Unfortunately I’m the one who breaks hearts, not the one who has his heart broken.

Artist: Husky
Album: Forever So
Label: Sub Pop

Freebie mp3 of History’s Door (courtesy of Sub Pop)

Buy Husky Forever So

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Van She – Idea Of Happiness

Sydney’s Van She is the definition of a guilty pleasure. When I moved to Australia, I realized Van She suffered from disdain and abhorrence among the people of their native country. But they’re still incredibly popular.

Which means that a lot of the people that claim they hate Van She are secretly lapping up the band’s brand of shimmering electronica.

Their second album, Idea of Happiness, is full of cringe worthy lyrics like “I feel Calypso” (?) and sunbaked tropical vibes inspired by the sounds of the Caribbean. The album is light and breezy, lacking substance but making up for it with flurries of infectious beats and uplifting synths. Perfect for some daiquiri-fueled ass shaking.

Artist: Van She
Album: Idea Of Happiness
Label: Modular

Buy Van She Idea Of Happiness

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