Big Troubles – Romantic Comedy

Initially, I was going to say how boring and bland this album was; generic pop songs written and performed by a bunch of art school dropouts living in Brooklyn. My opinion of these guys did a 180 when I came across their official website.

The site is hosted by Angelfire and assured me with scrolling neon green text that I was, indeed, at the “#1 site for teens”. The whole thing looked like a rudimentary built web page that you would find circa 1995, complete with awkwardly placed pictures, crude little animations and tacky graphics. It even urged me to “sign the guestbook”.

While they may be hysterical, they should’ve just called themselves ‘Big Trouble’. That way they could call this album In Little China instead of the lame Romantic Comedy. Who doesn’t like Kurt Russell?

Artist: Big Troubles
Album: Romantic Comedy
Label: Slumberland

Buy Big Troubles Romantic Comedy

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