Isidore – Life Somewhere Else

Remember the opening scene of Donnie Darko? Where a confused Jakey Gylls pedals down a mountain in his PJs to the opening twangs of Under The Milky Way by The Church?

Steve Kilbey of The Church and Jeffrey Cain of Alabama’s defunct Remy Zero have returned as Isidore with their second album, Life Somewhere Else, and it could easily be the soundtrack for a really depressing movie about middle age. Hell, it could have been the soundtrack for the Donnie Darko sequel in which Donnie was kind of a selfish dick who opted not to travel back in time to sacrifice himself for the people he loved.

Artist: Isidore
Album: Life Somewhere Else
Label: Communicating Vessels

Buy Isidore Life Somewhere Else

*author’s note – the song used at the beginning of Donnie Darko is The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen, not Under The Milky Way by The Church, although that song does appear in the film. The same analysis applies, however I liked that first paragraph too much to change it. Also, I’m lazy. I was planning on embedding the scene into the body of this post, but since it highlights my incompetence, here it is.

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