Kele – The Hunter EP

It’s safe to say that Kele Okereke’s solo career has polarized Bloc Party fans, but The Hunter is sure to elicit a chuckle from both camps for it’s sheer banality.

The lead single, “What Did I Do?“, features vocalist Lucy Taylor taking the reigns, relegating Kele to the chorus.  It has slick processed beats and a melancholic hook, making it appropriate for both the dance floor or an introspective headphone session.  As Kele and Taylor proclaim: “What did I do? / What did I do wrong?”, one can’t help but think that Kele is lamenting the misfire that has been his solo career.

The Hunter is nothing more than a trite attempt at emulating the dance music he is so fond of.  When the best song on the record barely even features your vocals, you have to start asking yourself some questions.

Artist: Kele
Album: The Hunter
Label: Wichita

Buy Kele The Hunter EP

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