Yourself In Peace – Yourself In Peace EP

During my time at college I had a somewhat spotty track record in regards to the people I lived with. My first roommate was a chronic masturbator. My second roommate liked to get stoned and make grilled cheese sandwiches on his George Foreman Grill at 4am.

Thankfully, instead of being disgusted by each other’s lack of personal hygiene, the duo behind Yourself In Peace discovered a mutual appreciation for dreamy pop while studying in LA.

Their self-titled debut EP features ethereal hushed vocals against a backdrop of hazy beats and sparse electronic flourishes. Justin Corral and Westley Ulit have said that they “essentially make beats and whine over them.” In my opinion, they’re selling themselves a bit short.

Artist: Yourself In Peace
Album: Yourself In Peace EP
Label: independent

Name your price for Yourself In Peace Yourself In Peace EP

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