The Verlaines – Untimely Meditations

The Verlaines have been releasing material for the past three decades as one of New Zealand’s most beloved indie rock outfits. With their ninth full-length album, The Verlaines wax philosophic in their twilight years, similarly to how Grinderman lamented the kick in the balls that came along with getting old.

The difference being that while Nick Cave complained about the inability to score chicks due to a receding hairline, liver spots, and shriveled testicles, The Verlaines grumble about losing their job to someone younger due to blatant ageism. The result is the equivalent of some crumudgeonly old bastard yelling at the kids to stay off his lawn.

Artist: The Verlaines
Album: Untimely Meditations
Label: Flying Nun

Buy The Verlaines Untimely Meditations

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