Teen Daze – All Of Us, Together

Babies, regardless of species, all share physical traits. The eyes are large in proportion to the head, whereas the nose and mouth are quite small. Scientists have no idea why this occurs, however psychologists have speculated that this appearance ups the cuteness quotient of the baby; making it harder for the parents to abandon it if it proves to be a pain in the ass to look after.

The music produced by Canadian laptop-enthusiast, Teen Daze, benefits from this theory. His music can be neatly described as easy listening for hipsters. The tracks are so inoffensive that I’ll feel guilty if I lecture him on the oversaturated genre of chillwave. I know he would just stare at me with his bespectacled doe-eyes, clutching his beloved laptop to his chest.

Artist: Teen Daze
Album: All Of Us, Together
Label: Lefse

Buy Teen Daze All Of Us, Together

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