Best Coast – The Only Place

It can be argued that the first album from LA duo Best Coast benefited immensely from frontwoman Bethany Cosentino’s possibly manufactured relationship with fellow stoner Wavves.

On The Only Place, the band has opted for a cleaner sound, presumably to reflect the Californian sun rather than its smog. Unfortunately, this serves to showcase the band’s limitations. The first two songs feature almost the exact same tempo and chord progression, while Cosentino’s weak and utterly flat voice is, for reasons unknown, pushed to the forefront.

This ultimately means that her moronic lyrics are, for reasons unknown, on full display. Cosentino’s emotional spectrum begins with happy and ends with sad, leading me to believe that this grown woman has either cannibalised her own sixth-grade diary, or has smoked so much weed that she is literally retarded.

Artist: Best Coast
Album: The Only Place
Label: Mexican Summer

Buy Best Coast The Only Place

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