Mark Tulk – Central State

This album was recorded in some abandoned psychiatric hospital.  To the average Joe, these creepy locales are cringe worthy and nightmare-inducing.  It would seem, however, that to artists, these modern day dungeons act as conduits for creative expression.  Something about dilapidated furniture and mold must be inspiring.  Maybe it’s the asbestos.

Aussie Mark Tulk has recorded Central State in the infamous Central State Hospital in Georgia, it’s biggest claim to fame being where a purported 25,000 were buried in unmarked graves.  The muse ultimately proves to be the album’s undoing, because unless you’re Haley Joel Osment, you’re not going to even see any dead people, much less make use of their constructive criticism.

Artist: Mark Tulk
Album: Central State
Label: Small House

Buy Mark Tulk Central State

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